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By: MEL BRADBURY | October 15, 2011

While many families are struggling to make ends meet, there are significant amounts of unclaimed cash sitting in government bank accounts right now, waiting to be dished out to the rightful owners. Whose money is it? Well, chances are, some of it’s yours! According to the NAUPA (the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators), YOU could likely be on the list of people that are owed money!

Where does this money come from? If you’ve ever opened a bank or credit card account, filed a tax return, held a job, had a gas or electric bill, owned stock, saving bonds, qualified for a pension, owned insurance, been the beneficiary of a will or life insurance policy, or had any one of your relatives do any of the thing just mentioned—chances are that YOU have unclaimed money waiting for you.

There are so many places money could be hiding, it’s really hard to believe. Sometimes it’s a relative—a deceased parent, grand-parent, aunt or uncle. Maybe they had a little life insurance policy that no one knew about. And if none of the family claims it—the insurance company turns it over to the state for safe keeping. That’s just one example. There are literally hundreds of ways money becomes lost.

Unclaimed bank accounts
Unclaimed stocks & bonds
Unclaimed federal income tax refunds
Unclaimed utility deposits
Unclaimed inheritances
Government checks
Unclaimed Pawn Shop Items
Unclaimed Social Security Benefits
Unclaimed pension benefits
Unclaimed credit card refunds
Unclaimed mortgage insurance premium refunds
Unclaimed savings bonds
Unclaimed insurance policies
Unemployment benefits
Unclaimed Government Rebates
Missing Disability Checks

Money detectives like the folks at Unclaimed Money Discovery are true professionals. Their whole business is finding lost money for people just like you. So why use a pro if you can do it yourself? Well, if you want your taxes done properly, you hire an accountant, right? And if you want your unclaimed money search done properly, you hire one of the professional money detectives at Unclaimed Money Discovery. They know where to look and how to get the best possible results. In fact, they currently locate more than 1000 perfect matches—that’s a lost money claim with a perfect name and address match—every day! You see, unlike database services that simply sell you monthly access to compiled government lists (lists which are free to research on your own), the folks at Unclaimed Money Discovery are full-service money detectives. They assign a professional asset recovery agent to your case and compile a detailed unclaimed money profile. They map out your relatives (genealogy), past addresses, work history and absolutely every piece of information that might lead to the discovery of unclaimed cash and other assets that could be hiding in any number of different places under any number of different names. And unlike “finders”—companies that take a big piece of your unclaimed cash as a finders’ fee, Unclaimed Money Discovery believes your unclaimed money belongs to you. So once they locate your lost cash, they help you complete all the proper paperwork and make sure your claim forms are submitted promptly and correctly. Of course, the best news is that if you’re one of our valued readers, this company will do your initial search for free! Just click on the button below.

Yes, there are people out there with money waiting for them; inheritances from relatives; stocks, bonds and insurance policies that were forgotten about. And when no one comes forward to claim this money, it usually has to be turned over to the state treasury. And in some of these states, if the rightful owner doesn’t come forward to claim that cash within a certain time period—usually between 2 and 7 years, you’re out of luck. That money is gone for good. So if you think that you’ve got time to put your search for lost money off another day; think again. The clock is ticking and if you waiting any longer, you might miss your opportunity to cash in on money that might really belong to you!


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